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To receive in order to give

We all know that the knowledge acquired in childhood bears much significance on a person's adult life

Bearing that in mind, Midreshet Yahad has taken this understanding one step further. As much as Panim el Panim’s blessed activities with IDF soldiers and University students are important it is also very important to instill in our young generation Jewish values and a solid foundation so that the path it continues to walk becomes much clearer and easier.

The Education System in Israel includes thousands of teachers, out of whom hundreds are religious teachers teaching in secular schools. Many times teachers who are part of different educational frameworks confront dilemmas and fundamental questions that arise during the school year concerning issues such as religion, education, perception and values. The schools regard these teachers as figures who are able to provide answers to the questions that come up by students, parents and the teaching staff. We have therefore developed two programs for the benefit of the teachers in order to support them by addressing specific needs.


Teacher Training for Education Students

We hold weekly meetings with teachers in which many difficult issues that they come across are raised and discussed. In these meetings teachers are given advice and tools for coping in this sensitive environment. Additionally, we offer guidance concerning the students, parents, and teaching staff’s questions.


Countrywide Program for Teachers

We, at Midreshet Yahad, are constantly approached by religious teachers who teach in secular schools and need to cope with multidisciplinary questions. As it is impossible for us to meet with each and every teacher on an individual basis we have launched a countrywide project to meet the teachers’ needs. In this framework teaching materials are written and distributed to all teachers. We have printed a book on the weekly Torah portion according to the Chumash – so far the books of Genesis and Exodus were published. To date, we are preparing additional materials for the remaining books.

Additionally, we hold seminars and conferences several times a year for teachers who do not participate in our regular program. At these seminars teachers are given the opportunity to meet with other teachers, exchange ideas and share advice.


The Teacher Training for Education Students program is implemented in seven Study Centers, offers 75 annual meetings, and includes 60 teachers.

The Countrywide Program for Teachers offers 60 annual meetings, and includes 50 teachers.


Success stories

The students are waiting for me ...
The students are waiting for me ...

The shiurim strengthened me and helped me pass along the message to my students. Thanks to our Beit-Midrash every year I arrive before the holidays, walk into the classroom for 15 minutes, give a brief summary on the issue at hand, ask questions and answer them in the course of our time together. The students are enthusiastic and remain curious, and look forward to our next meeting… I acquired this confidence in our Beit-Midrash.

Yafa Cohen Participates in Beit-Midrash
Delivering messages as what he learned
Delivering messages as what he learned

One of the teachers from a school in Yahud told me that he was requested to speak about matrimonial relationship and the family as a whole. At first he was very concerned; however, he recalled that they were taught how to refer to this issue at the Beit-Midrash and conveyed the message to his students. The students told me that they finally heard the stance of Judaism on this issue in a convincing manner …

School teacher

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