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Studying what life is all about


This is how it all began - 

Midreshet nitzanim was not established just like that, out of the blue. It all began when we witnessed the students’ urge for that which is more deep, more spiritual. Heavy duty studying, work and earning degrees offer satisfaction; however, it is not enough. Their soul yearns for something much deeper, much loftier. 

We felt that we need and must provide them with that which is missing. For that purpose we have established this project in which students are given the opportunity to learn a bit more about themselves, connect with their inner selves, and be given the tools for a life of meaning.

Activity Nowadays-  

Studying is done in two branches: Dorot Center in Tel-Aviv and Ma’ayanot Center in Jerusalem. 

The lectures are fascinating, the content engaging, and study programs are very varied. There are on and off campus activities, study partners with senior citizens, fieldtrips, and workshops. And at the end of it all, each student receives a substantial scholarship that will help pay for his academic studies.

These shiurim connect the students to themselves and bring about peacefulness. The inner process that they go through brings them closer to Judaism, faith and the Torah.

Due to the many requestes we have received from students who have concluded our study course and would like to expand their knowledge of Judaism we have opened a second year study program in which approximately 20 students take part. Naturally, we are in close touch with the students throughout the school year and do our best to meet all their needs

Additionally, we are leading a training program for dozens of students' lecturers in the central region of the country. This project is part of a wider framework of study groups with students that take place in Nefesh Yehudi, Wolfson Foundation, and The Ministry of Religious Services. In these meetings the lecturers are prepared for future meetings and dialogue with the students so that they can provide the required knowledge and escort the students during the course of their academic studies. 





Success stories

highly recommend...
highly recommend...

When one comes from a non-religious background one finds the connection to Judaism quite interesting. I am interested in people's thought processes, beliefs, and interpretation of things... I was concerned about not relating to the contents, however, they were very engaging and enriching. These are people who know how to conduct a conversation and bring up matters that are usually not discussed in everyday life. Highly recommended!



Gal Devir Student
Can not give up on it ...
Can not give up on it ...

For me, this scholarship is something I cannot relinquish, I am waiting for our shiurim each and every week. I enjoy our instructors very much. The most surprising thing was how deep and relevant the contents are, for me personally, as well as for any other human being. I highly recommend this program.

Or Shamay Student

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