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Torrential rain, visibility is hard, however, nothing can get in the way of implementing our plan. Every day there are new challenges, summer and winter, day and night, and there are no half measures. After all, they are entrusted with the security of the Jewish People.

These soldiers, who are protecting Israel with every fiber of their being, are doing the most important job, however, it is also strenuous and exhausting. They are the ones to stand at the forefront in every battle zone and defensive line, and we wish to encourage them, fortify their spirit, and give them the strength to go on with their crucial mission out of a deep sense of their Jewish identity and fighting spirit.

Panim el Panim, in cooperation with the IDF Chief Rabbinate, have launched several programs in which renowned and experienced lecturers  are sent to various bases across the country to give lectures and shiurim that provide the soldiers with the tools and ability to cope with the complex challenges they face during their military service and life afterwards. Our lecturers are welcomed with open arms, the soldiers are eager to hear and we are happy to impart our knowledge, to support them and give them strength…


Shabbat Program

Our best lecturers are sent to bases and various zones across the country, combining vast knowledge and personal contemplations with lots of sensitivity and love thereby embracing the soldiers and creating a warm homely atmosphere.

During Shabbat, lectures on various topics are given and empowering messages from our Jewish sources are relayed while providing tools to guide the soldiers get the most out of the military service, from every perspective.

Shabbat Program includes 180 Shabbatot each year, giving 900 shiurim to 18,000 soldiers.



Base Mother Program

Women soldiers miss their homes tremendously during their army service. To this end, we bring a woman lecturer with educational experience and Jewish values for heart-to-heart talks with the soldiers every week or couple of weeks. The strong bond that is created between the lecturers and soldiers is simply amazing!! Often this bond is so strong that the lecturers host the soldiers in their homes when they are on leave and vice versa. In these gatherings the soldiers are given tools and strength to continue their military service.

The Base Mother Program consists of some 700 lectures-discussions annually that take place in some 50 bases to 2,600 soldiers.



Shiurim at the Front Lines

Thousands of shiurim on a wide range of topics, from the Jewish year calendar to everyday life questions are given to soldiers on bases throughout the country, from the northern border with Lebanon to the southern reaches of the Negev.

The lectures are presented by dozens of lecturers who are former combat soldiers and officers, who have been carefully chosen and trained for this purpose. The lectures are given on a fixed and regular basis. 

The large number of soldiers who attend these lectures is proof of the thirst for knowledge and tremendous inspiration soldiers derive from these lectures. They lift their spirits and enhance motivation and an understanding of their Jewish identity thereby bolstering their ability to defend their country.

The Shiurim at the Front Lines Program consists of 1,700 lectures that are given in some 45 bases to 80,000 soldiers.


Torah Moment Mobile App.

Torah Moment is a free application designed to provide soldiers with important Torah shiur in the limited time available to them.

The app offers a short daily Torah lesson, daily Halacha study, matters of faith, a few words on the weekly Torah portion, prayer times, and important reminders.

For the soldiers this app is a vital tool as it is the main Torah study that accompanies them throughout their military service and gives them a boost of motivation.

In the framework of this app approximately 1,000 shiurim were uploaded. Currently, there are 3,000 users and 50,000 downloads were viewed.


Success stories

Together can win
Together can win

I was present at a shiur given by Rabbi Yossi Levy. It was interesting, funny and intriguing. He connected Hanukkah with the Israeli army. In my opinion he made an incredible connection. I learned that one needs to believe in his own strength, in his army, and in his People and that together we can overcome. This talk connected me to my People and my heritage.


Margalit Commander
Everyone was mesmerized
Everyone was mesmerized

The base commander told me: “the insights I received from you are priceless. Giving to someone else out of total devotion is something which cannot be fathomed. No one wanted to leave their seat even after you concluded; they were all mesmerized by your wise words.

Rav Yossi Levi Lecturer soldiers

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