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High Schools

High Schools

Preparing for our journey through life

 The High Schools Project was launched after we were approached by High-Schools in the secular education system requesting us to bring up a discourse based on Jewish values and contents. We were asked to lead this initiative to strengthen the educational processes students go through.

The workshops, discussions, and lessons we impart concern the burning issues of our youth, accompany the students during this time period and provide them with the tools to cope later on in life. The ever growing demand of additional schools to implement more and more activities is proof of the need and the tremendous benefit students gain from this project.


Instructor Training Program

The instructors meet for a weekly shiur at the Panim el Panim Beit-Midrash and discuss the challenges and important issues that arise from the meetings with the students. Ongoing preparation and constantly learning the best way to plan activities and touch the students' hearts makes these shiurim the most requested ones.

In our Beit Midrash 32 meetings take place; every meeting lasts approximately 4 hours.



High Schools Project

The High Schools Program goal is to prepare each and every student for the journey through life. Panim el Panim's team of trained and experienced instructors gives workshops on the important issues in life, based on Jewish sources, in a professional but enjoyable manner, such that the students are left with food for thought and insights to guide them along their life path.

The project is implemented in 70 High Schools throughout the country. 3,500 lessons are given to 29,000 students annually.



Multi-Day Seminars for High Schools

Twice a year we are holding a two-three full day seminars in which substantial study material is presented from a different perspective than that which is taught during the rest of the school year. These seminars are filled with walking tours, lectures, interactive adventures, performances, and meetings with fascinating personalities – and most importantly professional Jewish content and values that leave a taste for more for both the students and staff. 


Shema Yisrael Project

Major Roi Klein z”l sanctified the name of heaven in his life and in his death. His whole life Roi adhered to strong convictions and values and regarded others’ needs prior to his own. During one of the operations, Roi noticed a grenade whizzing through the air towards them and without hesitation threw himself on the grenade knowing that he is sacrificing his life for the lives of his men.  

In his memory we have established the Shema Yisrael Project, bringing Jewish values activities to our youth in dozens of High Schools in the secular education system. The students are introduced to Roi’s unique character in a program that is of great significance to these teenagers as it is the first encounter with convictions and values so strong that a man is capable of giving up his life for them.

The Shema Yisrael Project is implemented in 160 classrooms - 5,100 students. 


High Schools

Success stories

Percent awe activities
Percent awe activities

The students were interested and asked questions, shared their feelings with us and were moved to tears. The teacher approached me after the shiur saying enthusiastically: “what you do in one shiur we only manage to do in a few years’ time!!”

Yonathan Kelerman guide
Did not think that she'll hear ...
Did not think that she'll hear ...

A girl student approached me and said with sparkling eyes: “when I came to the seminar I thought I knew everything there is to know and was surprised to discover that this is not true. I learned new things that made me think about certain issues from a different perspective.

Natanel Naiman The founders of the program

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