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 Panim el Panim's widespread activities are implemented throughout the year, around the clock . By reading our Newsletter you can become a part and receive an update regarding recent activities, new endeavours and future plans. 


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Tishrei 5777

Tishrei 5777

For the new year 5777
 Continuing to build here on earth - Heaven 
 Especially in times of "U Va Le Zion Go'el" 
 In Yerushalaim & in Eretz Israel…

Winter 5777 / 2017

Winter 5777 / 2017


Dear Partners!

We have just finished celebrating Chanukah, a festival that teaches us that in all our practical activities, when we think and plan…

Shvat 5777/ 2017

Shvat 5777/ 2017

The Generation of Panim El Panim,


For 2,000 years of exile, like embryos in the womb

For 500 years, the labor pains of a new beginning

Now 100 y…

Pesach 5777 /2017

Greetings from Panim el Panim


Dear Friends,

Seder night is the special night when, according to HaRav Charlap, children return to their parents a…