About Panim-el-Panim


The Panim-el-Panim movement was established to help quench the growing thirst among the Jewish people for a deeper understanding of its identity and purpose, based on Judaism and Jewish tradition, and to deepen the connection between all parts of the nation.


The Goal

To fortify the inner strength of Am Yisrael and the State of Israel, through clarifying and teaching Jewish identity and national unity.



  • Activities in the national establishments – the state education system – the Education Ministry; the IDF – the Defense Ministry.
  • A country-wide network of social and educational activities in cities, kibbutzim and moshavim.
  • Training sessions for lecturers and activists, in the various fields of activity, including Batei-Midrash studies, contents directors, and Judaic study materials

Some Statistics in Table

  IDF Field High School Field Students Field Teachers Field Kibbetzs Field
places 167 80 5 5 62
Lectures 2,940 4,400 50 32  
Participants 90,000 34,000 100 115 2,500
Budget 472,000$ 688,000$ 175,000$ 127,000$ 40,000$


General information

Panim-el-Panim is recognized by state authorities such as the Education Ministry and the Defense Ministry. Donations to Panim-el-Panim are tax-deductible.
We have a friends association in the U.S.A. – American Friends of Panim-el-Panim.
Our programs are supported by Israeli state budgeting, foundation grants and donations from private individuals in Israel and abroad.

We receive 25% of our budget from the Toronto Friends Foundation.

The organization has an annual budget of nearly $2 million.

Panim-el-Panim is headed by Mr. Yoram Turner and Col. (Res.) Geva Rapp.

Panim-el-Panim has a salaried staff of over 150 full- and part-time employees:
10 administrative staff – executive director, secretaries, finance and bookkeeping, logistics, public relations.
20 senior staff – project directors, regional coordinators, program writers, training staff.
120 regular lecturers and instructors and dozens of occasional and volunteer guest lecturers.